Throughout our years of traveling and talking to people, we discovered that a whole lot of them do not know Poland, or they think of Poland as a country that it was years ago. When we left our country, it was looking a bit sad and pretty boring too. However nowadays, Poland is beautiful and we really want to share that knowledge with everyone whom we meet. Our restaurant is a great opportunity to do so. While loving America and Texas, we can still love our Motherland, and share all of the best about it. Food is a big part of it, but when you visit our restaurant, you will also find a gallery of pictures portraying beautiful Poland. From old architecture, landscapes, to modern buildings you can find it written all over our walls.







Our story is typical for many polish families in the US; that is, we came to this country in search for a better life. Communist Poland wasn't an easy place to live. We were looking for a place where we could find work, and that would provide a decent life for us all, as well as a better future for our daughter. After many years of hardship and perseverance, we found our home.. here, in Texas. The people in this state closely resemble our native brothers and sisters. With similar values, attitudes, and friendly approach with each other, we knew this one's a keeper! The great food of Texas, too, reminds us of our Motherland. Safe to say, there definitely is a connection between Texas and Poland. I mean, just look out our flags!

Not only did we gain a "Fatherland," and friends, but additionally, a STAR to our already red and white flag. We're richer in many ways. We cannot wait to now sit at the table together, to laugh, share stories, oh! and EAT.

Join us please, and let's enjoy the blend of two cultures!

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You see any similarities?